Cricket, lovely cricket


Brings back memories of the 1980s. A mate’s Jamaican stepdad sat watching the WI pace attack decimate the English batting, while he smoked sensimilla and chuckled to himself.


I don’t understand this ( apart from your projection, that is :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:), its top class sport, the opposition are going to be good, in fact as a spectator, you want them to be good because that will provide the best spectacle. Good teams get better by playing other good teams. Besides that, England are flawed and not anywhere close to being an all conquering side. I don’t see that as shameful, more just a fact of life. If they or you think they are going to smash every team they play, particularly away from home, then you have another think coming.


He’s a betting man, all bets are off for enjoyment


I get this too and was going to ask how much he had just lost but didn’t want to rub it in. :grin:


There’s “not smashing” and there’s “being utterly embarrassed by”. Ideally we’d be somewhere in the middle!


Keaton Jennings’ 17 was the joint third-lowest top score in an England innings.


I don’t suppose there is any chance of rain?


This game is mental. I lost reception in the car on the drive back from the station and the West Indies lost four wickets!


The game is very difficult to win from here but not impossible. However, the rest of the series will be in jeopardy if we get nothing out of the top order in the second innings. The top three need to tire the quicks and get the shine off the ball to allow the middle order a bit of breathing space. England quite regularly start a series slowly but I fear that unless they blunt the Windies’ attack with a bit of attritional play we could see more of what happened yesterday because their opening bowlers’ confidence will rise.
Apart from that, opening the bowling with Curran in the West Indies is fucking laughable. The selection of Rashid ahead of Broad in this match looks increasingly bizarre. Curran is a batter that bowls a bit imv. He did well against India as they don’t play the moving ball too well but in the Carribean they are used to that movement. I was looking for the Ginsters sponsorship logo on his shirt…


If we can mop up the last 4 wickets for 30 (ish) runs, we will have an outside chance. 370 would be a highly unlikely victory target, but it is only a day 3 pitch and hasn’t shown any signs of deteriorating yet.

I think we would have about a 1 in 10 chance, which is probably better than we could have hoped for after such a poor first innings.

If they score another 60+ the match is gone IMO and we can only bat to get some practice and much needed confidence for the remaining tests.


Could be a career highlight.

We can’t find opening batsmen. I still think Jason Roy is worth a try.


He’ll be in the team before the year is out I reckon.


You almost called it


Yes, you conveniently omitted the word ‘if’ from my post :grin:

The game is long gone, but we can salvage something from it. To do that though, we need to see a determined test match type of innings from all our batters.



Fake news.


Haha, the scorecard reads like something from a tour to the Carribean of 30 years ago. :grin:


Great innings from Holder. Great partnership - 295

Knackered openers have some job on to survive tonight’s onslaught.


West Indies have been excellent so far, hats off to them. :+1: Picking Rashid instead of Broad now looks somewhat cocky. It would be great to see England make them work for the victory but I fear our weak top order will lead to a low total second innings…


Plenty of time to bat for the win :+1: