Cricket, lovely cricket


Collingwood always has one eye on our shoe thread. :grin:


From what I’ve now seen of it, if this pitch remains the same tomorrow (or maybe later today!) I can see Jimmy filling his boots.


It’ll be today at some point Bairstow gone now.


Before tea, if Moeen’s recent form is anything to go by.


Come Moeen, show a bit of backbone for once!


Two balls faced. Expecting the expansive cover drive in the next two



Great reply




I’ll take streaky on this pitch. Reckon he played it pretty well actually, soft hands?


Hes not playing the short one too well!


Wtf is going on inside his head?

Going to get peppered


Good ball.


Oh dear.

Another snorter mind.


Wide on the crease, he had to play, good bowling.


How many wickets to fall today?

I’ll go for 17


Haha! Very possible…

I can see Broad and Anderson enjoying this pitch.


Game may be just shifting here…


Hold the front page - 50 partnership :smiley:


They are both in now and the pitch has quietened/bowlers tired/ball’s got older. They’ve not done enough yet but the longer this goes on…


How did the pie chucker take 8 wickets in our last innings? I’m struggling to think of one ball that turned. He’s actually getting a tiny bit here, but looks innocuous.