Cricket, lovely cricket


Bit unlucky, batted nicely until then.

Can’t see Broad or Anderson surviving long, so might see a few fireworks from Curran


Or not!


We should declare now. Don’t want Jimmy to get one on the hand


187, hmmm…


Even from the few overs in this innings, the gulf in class between Foakes and Bairstow behind the stumps is appreciable.

Broad looking dangerous, Anderson less so.


I hadn’t noticed that Foakes wasnt out there. :blush: What happened? I was eating!


Got hit on the back of the hand when he got out trying to pull. Bruised apparently.


Right… Ill have a look at Bairstow. When Foakes first came in I thought he made it look laughably easy in comparison.


Broad must have gone past Campbell’s bat 15 times.

Bairstow has fumbled a couple already. Luckily not off the edge of the bat.


I’m not sure that any of England’s bowlers have got their line and length quite right consistently enough though.


Stokes annoying so far! Just not making them play. :smirk:


Good start from Curran!


West Indies very good, England not so much.


England’s bowling wasn’t good. Too many leave balls.

WI openers were great though.


Yes, annoying, Stokes was awful and the others didnt quite get it right either.


Anderson looked out of sorts, Broad the most dangerous in his first 5 overs.


FFS, easiest slip chance possible, Buttler drops it.

Broad bowling some snorters, if he gets one he could get four or five hare.


No time to watch today… :frowning:


Foakes not on the field (having an x-ray on his hand)

Broad will not bowl like that again without taking a wicket

Anderson very ‘off it’ again

Stokes bowling some beauties (and took the wicket)

That’s about it

Oh, and I can’t believe Moeen hasn’t had an over yet…


Just switched on, 121-1, Off 45.4 overs. England receiving a proper lesson on how to play test cricket. :+1: