Cricket, lovely cricket


Mark Wood showing why he should have been in the team earlier, when the series was still alive.


Real pace, 94.5 mph delivery in his second over :astonished:

Bairstow taking the ball high above his head.


3 for 12 off 19 balls. Looked more dangerous in those 3 overs than the rest of our attack in the entire series. Pace, bounce, movement. Impressive stuff.

Aaaand there’s another.


Catch of the series - Stuart Broad - sensational.

Mark Wood 5-fer. Chuffed to bits for him, he’s just nailed his place in the Ashes squad in 8.2 overs of hostile pace bowling.

Just imagine what he would have done in Antigua, on ‘that’ pitch…

123 first innings lead is significant. A steady batting performance :thinking: and we should have a great chance of winning this. Their batsmen will certainly not be looking forward to facing Wood in the fourth innings.


That catch from Broad was fantastic. The batsman sliced it, so it would have been spinning quite a bit, let alone where he ended up taking it.

I hope Wood can stay fit , he’s a real handful whenever he plays.


Utterly failing to find a clip of that catch.


Right hand bat invited to hit Ali over the top with long off (Broad) stationed half way back and fairly straight. He tries to drive a length ball straight but only skies/slices it down Broad’s line but over his head. He takes the catch behind himself one handed whilst back peddling furiously and tumbles over holding on to it.

It was very high and would have been difficult to read where it was going to end up because of the amount of spin on the ball.


Jennings should watch some of Alistair Cook’s innings. When he was out of form he barely played a cover drive, instead he did what he could do blindfolded. Clips off the hip, dispatching leg stump half volleys for 4 and the square or backward cut. You hardly ever saw him driving straight or through cover/extra cover unless he was well set.



Satisfied with that performance. 142 run lead, all wickets intact and looking forward to day 3.

Burns looked ok and Jennings started to leave the drive out of his repertoire. They need to cash in tomorrow and set the foundation for a 250+ innings. You wouldn’t fancy chasing 375 on this pitch in a fourth innings.

Still purring over that Mark Wood spell. 95 mph tops 90 mph+ average.


The openers have a great chance of really laying a platform here, I hope they make the most of it. England on top in the game because of a great spell of fast bowling but they collapsed earlier today from a promising position. The game may have another twist yet… :confounded:


Don’t forget Moeen though. 4 wickets on a pitch that isn’t giving him much help is huge. The drift he was getting kept everyone interested and he tied up an end that allowed Wood to just go for it.

England’s batting collapse was poor, again, but overall we’ve bossed this contest.

Enthralling day of test cricket, shame it isn’t a 5 match series…

Ninety.Five.Miles.An.Hour. :heart_eyes:


I haven’t forgotten Moeen, it was good bowling. I just think that Wood made more of the difference, even if Mo’ opened the door.

I feel a bit jaded by this series to be honest. I want to see something from the top order but they still look very shakey.


No question, Wood changed the game.

I’ll wager that the Australians will hear and see what he did. They won’t like what they see.


Good shout, you have been calling for his selection. Longer run up looks better. Hope he can stay fit now.


He looks more relaxed in the delivery stride to me.

Don’t know what he does about falling over, although it doesn’t seem to worry him too much :grin:


Him (Wood) and Archer, provided he can make the team, might be quite a thing!

1,2 and 3 though… Burns may have the mental strength to battle through this period but Jennings looks poor and Denly, so far at least, doesn’t look up to it either. I hope Olly Pope and Jason Roy make a hatful of runs at the beginning of the domestic season.

England were fortunate that the series against India last summer coincided with cool and cloudy weather. If it’s hot and sunny next August, I think Australia will be dangerous. They have a quality attack and if the ball isn’t moving for our bowlers… I agree though, pace makes the difference.


Regardless of what he does in the second innings, I think Jennings is toast.

Pope is the hope (poetry!) for the future. First class average of 50 makes him an obvious choice, even if he has only played 24 matches.

Roy may well be in the squad, he deserves another shot.


:crazy_face: West Indies 2nd Innings :crazy_face:


I think it’s known as “doing an England”


Dead rubber, who gives a fuck?