Crimes against cuisine (for all your vegan and Marmite matters)

Not vegan bollocks but vegan ‘cheese’

Lovely with a bit of pineapple on a pizza.


What the fuck…

Welcome to your new godforsaken backwater… er… I mean, thread :grinning:

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I don’t like it

Yes, it’s a crime.

Some crimes are worth it, like marmite vegan cheese.

Time to show this again.

There we go.


Hel and I weren’t in the slightest bit concerned with vegans until the food industry suddenly started taking a disproportionate interest in less than 1% of the population, and restaurants so eager to jump on the trend have started stripping their menus of anything veggie and with cheese to appeal to this overhyped food fashion.

I mean, life without haloumi, fuck off.

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Squeaky cheese. :heart_eyes:

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Cumberland non-sausages and Caramelised Onion non-sausages


If you are going to do this vegan shit, man up and buy lentils


What self respecting vegan would choose to eat in KFC, Subway or Creggs ffs. The only place to eat vegan food is Govinda’s in Soho.

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Bloody EU, why aren’t we out already? :smile:


Shameful confession. I have eaten and enjoyed vegan burgers. Won’t ever replace a mouthful of beef (oo-er), but not terrible.

you mean vegan disks. Anyone tried vegan balls in tomato sauce with their spaghetti

and whilst I am at, can someone explain the biology of where a vegan egg comes from…

An egg plant :thinking:


I had some vegan grated cheese on my rice last week
Truly disgusting stuff


It’s just a pack of powder in that egg type box - It needs mixing with cold water to make i tinto egg material. It costs £6 for enough to make 10 eggs. Quite expensive I would say.

I don’t think it is supposed to be enjoyable. Vegans don’t do enjoyment, It’s a penance.

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