Criticise my TV choice

I’m thinking of buying this TV, as it’s the cheapest that has a 100Hz panel, and I kinda have a soft spot for LG:

Is it a sensible choice? Gaming, movies etc.

It isn’t OLED and it is not expensive enough.


…although it will be rather more X-Box proof than an OLED.

Basically, it’s hard to buy an absolute shitter these days. A 65 LCD at this price is unlikely to be able to give you a really deep black in low light and the peak brightness won’t be enormous. If you turn the processing bollocks off though and don’t watch standard definition on it, it’s likely to be perfectly watchable though.

3/10 Must try harder

wossat mean?

Back/edgelit panels cannot retain onscreen images. While far more robust than plasma ever was, OLED is an emissive system and- for example- embarking on a marathon HDR gaming session where something like a speedometer, ammo indicator or first person map is onscreen for hours is still not necessarily something I’d do on mine.

Just imagine Minecraft controls burned in to your brand new TV :joy:

Years ago, at HiFi Experience on Tottenham Ct Rd, over a quiet period, we burned a Gran Turismo rev counter into the bottom corner of a Panasonic PWD4 (RRP at the time £4,499). We got shouted at. A lot.


ah, got you.

good job tv channels dont have logos :roll_eyes:

My philips OLED supposedly moves the image around to prevent burn it. It might even detect fixed portions and fade them out or something too.

Oh yes, you have to go some to achieve it now. I’m just thinking back to when myself and two other morons did the actual Le Mans 24 hours on a PS3 and my general position is that sort of twattery is really the preserve of LCDs.

im surprised you could see anything after staring at a TV for that long. points for effort though.

Buy cheap, buy twice. Could do better :slight_smile:

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I’m disappointed that you’re not attempting to cobble one together from a bunch of discarded mobile phone/tablet screens and an R-Pi.


anyway, 65" is too small. go BIGGER

It has NANO in it’s name, in CAPITALS.

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Just taken the old TV off the wall. Its inputs are:

I wonder if there is such a skill as tech-dating, where you guess the age of the tech by its features…

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I’d put that at between 10-12 years old. A period that might well be seen to be ‘peak socket’ as the industry didn’t yet feel ready to shed the legacy connections while still busily adding new ones. AV Receivers of the period in particular were nightmarish.






That does at least have HDMI meaning it might retain something above scrap value. My favourite was the (admittedly slightly older) Marantz SR8500 that went for the heroic blind alley of DVI switching;

Marantz declined to repeat the experiment.