Croft Acoustics Phono Stages

Anyone have first-hand experience of CA stages? I am pondering a new valve phono stage and the RIAA and RIAA R models are on my radar.

The RIAA seems to pick up decent reviews, but I haven’t found much to read on the big brother R model.

edit: apologies for the hi-fi-related thread

Rob Sands in Scouseland had one to try in his system and he borrowed some valves to try in it from me (Mullards) and when I heard it, it wasn’t great (std one), the foo valves made a bit of a difference, but not much. To my mind, the MM stage in my Croft Super Micro is better. Rob eventually bought a SS stage (Trichord I think), which sounded a lot better.

Not heard the R. With Croft stuff it changes all the time, so you have to get the right generation.

Shame you are not closer, as you could borrow a couple from me.


I was really impressed with the Remton phono stage, having owned a Croft RIAA R the Remton pissed all over it for less money as well.

The Remton was absolutely fantastic with a Decca Gold.


Which Remton stage was that?

The 8382, think it’s about £600 new @Ciderpig sells them.

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Much experience of Croft gear generally around these parts? The above makes me think it’s possible to do better within a similar budget.

The Remton 383 mk2 is a cracker for the dosh.

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Nope, not anymore. Cheap casework put customers off and the manufacturer didn’t want any advise so I dropped the brand.

Elite audio hoovered them up, knowing them you’ll be able to get a brand new one at 50% discount. :slight_smile: