Custom turntable covers

Where can i get a turntable cover made?

needs to be around 490x490x220

Tried to order for Sora in Germany, had error adding to shopping cart so emailed them, auto reply states they had a fire and are not manufacturing at the moment.

I can recommend these people

Used them before, good service.

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Great, just up the road.
Have sent a message for a quote.

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I remember speaking to the owner who is into his hi-fi, think he has a 301

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Hate to quote t’other place but…

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That’s the one I mentioned above.
Fire has destroyed the factory.

The pull to mention a certain amp manufacturer is strong.

But I shall resist


Shame about Sora. They make brilliant covers, I hope they get back to business soon.


I really should learn to read at some point.

Meh! Reading is overrated.

And slough


I blame Madejski.


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Bloody hell, 300 quid!

If only you could buy some acrylic sheet cheap and get someone with some nice workshop tools to machine it for you. Be lovely that would. Probably be able to mill all sorts of fancy shapes if you asked nicely too.

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Wow. They were a lot cheaper when I got them to make one. They weren’t advertising t/t covers then, I just contacted them because they worked with acrylic. They must be adding the hi-fi idiots tax nowadays.

Yep, they did the cover with custom cutouts for my TT.

Will they do non standard sizes?

Looks like they’re not the only ones. If you want a 460 x 380 x 205 mm cover for your turntable it’ll be £76.79 from Plastic Online. But if you want a 400 x 300 x 200 cover for anything else it’s £30.31.