Oh dear

Tell her the only mythical universe you have any time for it the Warhammer 40K one because you ‘aren’t really fond of anything happy.’ It’s generally very effective and it’s rare to encounter actual fans outside of a Games Workshop.

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This is scary enough.


Less scary than without the mask tho’ :scream:


Why don’t you try excitedly talking to her about VTA?


Or ask her if she likes golf?
you could ask her what her handicap is!

I would hazard a guess that it’s working alongside Mark


Guaranteed the pet name for her minge is shadowfax


Get in the van!

Or “This isn’t going to hurt one bit”

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Next time she wants to go to the bog,go full McKellen

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All I have to add is that this thread would be 37% better if it had been named cuntstomers.


One of the downsides of being clean-suited up is that there’s pressure on you to minimise these trips. Depending on the suit details getting in and out of it can take a while and then there’s all the palaver at the entry point to the clean area (maybe some places actually have ‘facilities’ inside the clean area, but I’ve never seen any).

Always have a wee before suiting up. Even if I don’t really fancy one. Otherwise as soon as you suit up and get in the lab…

Was just round the corner from your old workplace. Same site, but recently moved away from an stfc lab to their own place.

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I remember trying to fault find on a sytstem where all the sensors were inside the clean area and the control equipment was outside.
Every time I needed to check something I had to get suited up and spend 5 minutes work time in the place then de-suit (is that a word?) and come back.
It took forever.
The next time I persauded the firm to make it a two handed job so we had one person in and one out.