CWC G10 1989 Royal Navy issued

Next in my cull of personal watches is this issued G10 from 1989, considering it was issued the condition is great, some case scratches and dents but almost nothing when you see most of these issued ones up for sale. Will put a fresh battery in and you get the nato too. The dial and hands are perfect and completely unmarked, plus they have aged beautifully



Stupid question - but you have seen what these are going for nowadays?! :open_mouth:

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I’ve still got the one issued to me in 1988 somewhere, are they valuable now?

I don’t know the details of what’s sought-after etc, but eighties issued ones seem to be IRO £500

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That’s the fat boys.
Case thickness is the price on these watches, I think they range from fat to middle to this one which is the thinner one.

Thin ones like this are usually £150-200

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Put up a picture of the case back and case thickness, can give you an idea then of value.

Good info here

Mines the same as yours but W10 for Army.

Oh God that’s nice!

So mechanical not quartz? The first four case back numbers designate what force it was issued with.

W10 is for Army

Was having a senior moment with the w10 watch and the w10 code swapping them in my head