Who was it I promsed the six Day London ticket to?

Need to know quick or it’s going on tinternet.


Etape du Tour 2017. Be there or be sensible.

We’ve booked a hotel in another country. Hard to handle this cosmopolitan stuff.



Seeing as I struggled on the Northants sportive yesterday I will be sensible. Does look like jolly fun though.

Put 6day ticket on tinternet. Let me know if anyone wants it.


Looks amazing. :thumbsup: Would love to do something like that


IMG_2463 by Allan Brisbane, on Flickr

:stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses:


IMG_2493 by Allan Brisbane, on Flickr

This is the my favourite bike ride a gentle spin the day before the L’Etape Du Tour - 6:30 am along the cycle path around Lac Annecy just as the sun was coming up utterly stunning.

The L’Etape Du Tour itself was too hard to say I enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Oh man :heart_eyes:


Mmmmm, a bike frame :rolling_eyes:


Indeed it is - but in the same way you lot love your nice four wheeled things I love hand-made bike frames - so there :grinning:


This looked nice…

From here…

in Vietnam.


It’s hard to explain why riding a stage of the TdF on closed roads makes sense. It’s hot (or cold…) ridiculously hard and generally something you only want to do in fantasy land at this time of year or after finishing.

But it’s compelling.

I have a twin room with a spare bed in Sestriere, you know you want to… Unless you smell of course.




Some of those are fantastic. :grinning:


Thanks for the offer Paul - if I could afford it next year I’d take you up on it.

Even tho’ the Annecy-Semnoz one I done in 2013 was considered “easy” - only 80 miles after all, I done it after only taking up road cycling 12 months previous and it was insanely hard and very hot. Thankfully I did get a lot of good advice and managed to finish it; also didn’t put a foot down on the final climb despite people sprawled on either side all the way up the climb. :grinning:

It’s the best thing I’ve ever done - I doubt I’ll ever replicate the feeling when I crossed that finish line.

I would love to do the course again since I have a few years worth of training in my legs but I doubt it would be that much easier.

I would urge anyone to try it - even just once - it’s an incredible experience. The organisation is impeccable as it’s run by A.S.O. and there where loads and loads of spectators who came out to cheer the riders on and feed them with tasty local morsels 9a nice change from gels) - you could almost pretend to be racer (almost) :grinning:

It gives a whole new persepctive on how good and supremely tough the pros are doing that year on year and racing up these climbs - absolutely mind boggling.


I’m thinking of doing the north coast 500 next year…set myself the challenge of doing it in 3/4 days. My goal at the moment is just to get fit enough to do the club ride without it being such a stretch, but I think a challenge/goal for next year would be good

I’m actually quite enjoying the turbo. Reckon I’m some sort of pervert :stuck_out_tongue:


Too right you are - bet you wear a gimp suit as well :grinning:


Lovely that is.


Leaves the saddle off too, I bet.


Maybe once I get a fan. Sweaty enough at the moment


That’s not new for the turbo