Cyrus CDi, Phono Signature & PSXR2 SOLD

Something has caught my eye so the following are up for sale while it’s still available

Cyrus CDi

Latest version, owned from new, rarely use digital these days as vinyl rules the roost here, no more than 100hrs use since I got it less than 6 months ago. Surprisingly good sounding piece of kit, it’s nicely balanced top to bottom with none of the tipped up high frequency that Cyrus was renowned for of old. 5* reviews

Unmarked and pretty well as new (though now possibly run in!), in original box with all papers.

SOLD (£1195 new) inc shipping, demo & collection welcome

Cyrus Phono Signature and PSXR2

Latest versions. Now just over a year old, owned from new. The Phono is excellent though the PSXR2 takes it to a different level. The reviews are consistent and I’d fully concur, here’s an example

This kit is a world away from the expectation of Cyrus of old and delivers real magic (if the rest of the system is up to it!) for a pretty modest outlay by today’s standards. It’s highly flexible and configurable for both MM & MC with numerous gain, resistance and capacitance values available to fine tune any cartridge. There are four phono inputs each of which can save a setting, great if you have multiple carts in different headshells or just like to experiment. Output is available via phono or XLR.

Both units are unmarked and available in original boxes with all paperwork. Only offering for sale as I’ve seen something I’ve always wanted to try and will be withdrawn should that sell before these.

Offered together £SOLD (£1495 phono, £795 PSXR2 new) inc of shipping though demo and collection welcome

If there is interest in the Phono without the PSXR2 will offer it at £800 will not sell the PSXR2 before the Phono however if the Phono sells the PSXR2 can go for £450

Located in South Bucks, any query PM me

That Phono stage is meant to be absolutely terrific. Glwts.

Four Phono inputs too. B&O man will only need 50 of them.


I can confirm it is. It turned up for review and I bought one as I didn’t want it to go back.


I am so tempted. Looking as to move my Rokdan Caspian st the moment

Do it. I suspect it’s unbeatable for the money. I’m tempted but my recent dac purchase means I have to reign it in.

I know but the Roksan is pretty special too.

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Cheers for the comments, the phono is a belter, particularly with the power supply

Any AA members interested you’ve first option at £1100 the pair for a quick sale. (£2300 new for this pair)

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Sorry, decided to stick with the Roksan. I can’t move it quickly as the local dealer isn’t keen to buy it and I cannot see it selling on eBay.

TBH I’m really pleased with it and don’t want to be stuck with two higher spec machines.

I’d want to try them side by side for a while which obviously isn’t an option. Good luck with the sale.

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no worries