DAB/Blue tooth adaptor thingy m' bobs


What they like then? Anyone tried one? Recommend one?


Buy a Mazda, they have this stuff built in :+1:




not from personal experience, but I know a guy who had one. The biggest problem with them is finding a reliably empty FM band to tune them to. What’s fine near home is a FM radio station 20 miles up the road, and you have to retune.
£40quid is a bit less than a car with this stuff built in though


You can also get bluetooth FM transmitters, which use your phone and play Spotify/Tidal/Qobuz or internet radio if you have enough data.


I had one off Amazon for about £10, it worked really well. August bluetooth transmitter CR 220.


What like an RX-8 ? :slight_smile:



More RX-9…

…and it’s a rotisserie :+1:


Phwaaaar! :heart_eyes:


I had a parrot in my last car. it was good (apart from the droppings obvs)


But does it have a Wankel engine? :roll_eyes:


Yep, and it’d be cheaper too :+1:


C - Jim, not up to your usual standard.


Sorry, I’ll try harder in future :stuck_out_tongue: