Damanek | Making Shore

Lovers of Jethro Tull’s more Proggy moments may just like this. My first review of 2023. Read on …

May be easier to PM @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi direct?


Ambitious plural there.

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Are there flutes in it?


I like flutes.

How strange…

You know I am making that up as I don’t like it when you get angry don’t you?

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We operate the strictest of ‘No Flutes’ policies here. We have a similar ban on recorders.


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Even for baroque?

Sort of C17-18th prog, I suppose, with capes and keyboards

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Bugles? Used to play the bugle back in the day. St Marks cub/scout band.

I imagine you were quite partial to a toot on a bugle. Might perk you right up…

Well, this thread is going as well as expected :joy:

I was approx 8. We didn’t do that sort of thing in Bury.


But flutes are so cool and hip as you can deduce from Matt Hancock’s latest album cover:


Only on a couple of tracks.

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I do have to agree and i posted the mother. ha ha. I guess i was due a kicking. Good album though.