Dartzeel Catridges

Dartzeel have introduced a range of cartridges. I suspect they’re not aimed at people like me.

They’re priced from a very reasonable £28,000 for the basic FS02 model which includes one free retip.

The top of the range NFS 00 is priced at a chunky £874,000 which includes cartridge installation and setup by Hervé Delétraz himself and a lifetime warranty.

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That should hit the pleasure button!

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Can’t believe the video for a £28-874k had someone’s fat/dirty finger actually touching the end of the cantilever. I assume a large chunk of the most expensive price includes the rental of a private jet and top end hotel suite for Herve whilst he visits you to install it.

Limited quantities


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They would say, ‘the phono stage’. In reality it’s the cocaine bill for the marketing department.


I’d probably skip the expensive cart,and go for this

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Wonder who actually makes the carts?

Does it come with a lifetime re-thatch?.


Might need to have more than an SPU weight to balance a house on a 3012.

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Their introduction at Munich didn’t sound anything out of the ordinary. Went in with high expectations but highs in particular were strident. Sound was far from balanced when we were in the room and none of us were keen to extend our stays on a couple of visits. Top Dartzeel stuff was set up with CS Port TT and Stenheim Grand speakers.

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Please may someone post a video from their mobile telephone? I really want to hear how music sounds with these cartridges. :sunglasses:

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Lol, its the new foot tapping :slight_smile:

Eargasm :rofl:

I note that the output voltage on the spendy boi is down at the sort of level an Io works at which presumably ensures that most owners* won’t be able to try the cart and phono stage seperately even if they wanted to.

*Io owning meatmen excepted obvs.

There may be other barriers to enjoyment.