Thinking of getting a Dashcam

  1. Anyone use one and is it worth it?
  2. Which ones are the best?
  3. Are they easy to fit?

I’d like to hardwire it and get front a rear camera’s.

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I’d like one too, it’s getting silly out there……

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  1. Yes and yes unless you are with Admiral.
  2. Nextbase
  3. most of them run off a 12V socket, so the only thing to sort is cable routing.

Yes that’s why I want one the standards of driving are not great anymore


I have one in the car which was fitted by the previous owner. It is a Kenwood thing and pretty poor really. It is hard wired and the camera itself has a proprietary power socket otherwise I would change it for a Nextbase that I had for the previous car. The Next base is a far superior instrument which allows for exposure tweaking (something I have found useful).

The reason I wanted one was because of poor standards of driving. I first got one when my 18 year old past her test and I could foresee that if she was involved in a collision it was almost inevitable the other side would blame her (young and inexperienced etcetera) and I wanted to counter that if possible. I have never had need to use the recordings but it is nice to think they might be useful. Whether the recordings would be useful is a whole different matter but if yu haven’t got them the issue is moot.

My Nextbase came with a 12v plug for car’s power socket and for an extra £15 a hard wire kit was available. Wiring it up to the fusebox was easy enough. The hardest part is routing the cable behind the A pillar trim. I think Halfords will fit them for about £50. Might be worth it so that if anything goes wrong they get to put it right.


Only caveat is that if you are involved in an RTA it can also be used in evidence against you. So a bit of a double edged sword if your driving is not as good as you may think it is.
Just make sure the sd card is easily accessible. Sorry ossifer I took it out as I needed it for my recent obsession with Mongolian throat singing and Bocarina nose flute duets. Shame.

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