Dave’s mystery raffle. Roll up

The mystery raffle starts tonight,a word from Matt……

Dave’s Special Raffle…

Selecting seven records that best represent Dave and his tastes is no easy thing,
but we’ve done just that.

In brief the records included in the grand raffle are not cheapies they are high quality / audiophile recordings and cover Dave’s most favored territories.

  • How does this work?
    £10 buys you x3 tickets. N.B your chances obviously improve with the more you buy.
  • When?

The Grand draw will be shown this Friday 6th October at 7:30pm. @murrayjohnson has kindly offered to be adjudicator for what promises to be something very special.

  • Payment:
    Pay Stu (Most will have his PayPal buy now) Simply add to this thread how many tickets you require (x6 for £20 for example) and then sweat it out until the grand draw.

  • Money raised will go to Macmillan - Buy generously —> You will wish you bought more!

Say in this thread what you want,and you will have 3 numbers or more depending on how many you buy.

The draw will be held and videoed on Friday,and will be put on here Friday night.
Guy Mowbray will be picking the winning ticket at a secluded location,mainly as me and Matt can’t be trusted,as can be seen here with him trying to take a look.


Ticket numbers

Rob998. 1-6. Paid

Atom john. 6-15. Paid

Kevin 16-21. Paid

Gyro guy. 22-28. Paid

Matt 29-37. Paid

Sap7. 38-46. Paid

Pmac 47-55. Paid

Mickbald. 56-64. Paid

Sam68. 65-73 paid

Crimson 74-100. Paid

Omsoc 101-109. Paid

Sodders. 110-124. Paid

Yoda 125-133. Paid

Me 134-142. Paid

Bolts. 143-169. Paid

Algon 170-172. Paid

Monitor 173-175. Paid

Coco. 176-184. Paid

Malbec 185-193. Paid

Catcando. 194-202. Paid

Rms Steve. 203-205. Paid

Bullinachinashop 206-211. Paid

Bmtell. 212-220. Paid

Tony the hat. 221-226. Paid

Myrman. 227-235. Paid

Micky. 236-244. Paid

Def 245-259. Paid

Bob c 260-268

Flap 269-274. Paid

Dean 275-280. Paid

Mj2. 281-286. Paid

Cobbler 287-295. Paid

Spenagio 296-304. Paid

Htm1968. 305-310. Paid

Waxy. 311-313. Paid

Husky. 314-319. Paid

Big lebowski. 320- 328. Paid


To be clear (Because I wasn’t in the blurb) the prize is for Seven of the best from Dave’s Collection. There is no second prize, this is an all in - go for gold affair.

There may be a teaser video later in the week for the quizzically minded… For the more gung- ho this set of records touches many of Dave’s bases and is genuine quality.


If it’s a tenner for 3 minimum, you may as well just make it a tenner for one?
Just trying to save you number folding time!
Some probability expert may chastise me here?

All of the confused.

I’m game, though.

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There is devilment abound if Matt has been in THAT bog with them


This is the one I’ve been waiting for

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Hey - we are offering the illusion of hope!

Good, how many shall we put you down for?


What have I just seen? :exploding_head:

Can somebody shoot me Stu’s PayPal please? Imma wanna win some records that I can’t play.


I’ll be 9 to start.

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It’s all about the memory . I’m sure neice can hang them on a wall or something

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OK do you mean x9 tickets = £30 or do you mean x9 sets of tickets which would be £90 (I have a sneaking suspicion I’ve made my life hard here - this I do well)

Just let us know how many £10 sets you’d like here - Payment can be done on Friday

I’ll have £20 worth of tickets please, whether that means 2 or 6 I’m happy.


Haha £30 in the pot to get it started


£20 paid


Cheers, £20 for me please.

If I don’t win then I will feign amnesia when asked for payment :+1:


I’m in for £30 (Paid)

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Three for me (£30).
It’s charity, or I’d be mumbling about appalling luck and hiding.
Three, or the nine after expectation inflation.


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3x3 for me please

£30 - Paid


Buy victoriously!

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