Dave's Sheffield bake-off, Saturday April 13th


Yes please Dave


Was he the baddie in Dallas?


yes please Dave. and Lee too if possible (i’m assuming he’s on here as Setting Son)


Put me down as a maybe.


I’m up for this as well


Only if it’s cold enough…


Saved by the water butt last time. Spent coals will be drenched this year!


Tho unable to drive I’m keeping mobile lately . If it continues I’d like to attend - Freefallrob has kindly offered door to door car . Modified Techy with Shibata AT 95 sa riding OL Silver arm could attend if short of vinyl spinners.


Subs bench from now.


Subs bench then please Dave


Subs bench please…


Have had a recount of chairs and can accomodate everyone so far. So you are both in, Des and Pete. 3 rooms going, as in previous bake-offs.




now I know all my kit’s shit, but I can still bring some for a laugh if you’d like?


Probably better than mine :grinning:
You are welcome to bring whatever you want. One room will be a mix and match.


hokey cokey


In early 80’s Did front pointing ice climbing training for scouts ( Pyraneean trip) crampons and ice axes here abouts -Kinder Downfall . Plenty ropes and plenty sliding off too! Probably not allowed now on health safety . In spring The ’ Blow Back ’ of the full stream was also impressive . The wind blew up against the cliffs and sent the stream back onto the top - sort of reverse waterfall.


You can leave that record at home!


I know you’ll have your copy


Haha, touche! :grin: