Dave's Sheffield bake-off, Saturday April 13th


Cant make this now, maybe next time. Going away with the wifey.


OK, have a good time!


Room for one more Dave?


OK Rick, @edd9000 has dropped out.

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sorry Dave can’t make this as we have friends staying over this weekend.


Never mind, you’re both welcome to drop in sometime.

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Can you squeeze another one in Dave @octh ? Might have a ‘plus one’ if you can


Just about, Paul.


Brill! See you then

Can you PM me your address and a contact number please?


I’ll PM everyone with details soon. Some have been here before and some not.
Main listening room is digital only (too bouncy for a deck), smaller room with vinyl and a third for bring-and-play.

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PM sent to those coming


Sorry Dave looks like I’m going to have to drop out due to last minute family commitments. Have a good one.


No worry Nick, hope you have a good time with the family.


I don’t really want to swap any gear on the main system, but the other two rooms can be changed round. If anyone is thinking of bringing an amp then be aware that the Revox speakers in the vinyl room. and two of the downstairs pairs, are 4 ohm. I’ve got a few solid state amps and a 10wpc Bez T3B3 300b SET that we can try if nothing else is brought.
I expect that much eating, talking bullshit and listening will take place, as usual. Forecast looks good, if cool. Looking forward to it.

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Anything you need kit wise?


SP10 and W8’s and Paradise and bid solid state amp.
O and and nice rack to load it all on to.


Nothing actually needed, though if there’s anything you want to bring then feel free. My original PM to attendees sums up the kit in place at present. I think that @Navigator is bringing a Techie.


Yeah he’s bringing the techy and a rotel amp and a few other bits👍


I’m bringing a Micky better than a techy​:+1::wink::grinning:


Looking forward to this :sunglasses:

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