Deezer and other inept streaming squeezebox bumbling


I keep it going because the kids prefer the playlist features on Napster to those on Tidal. But I use Tidal because of the lossless option and Roon integration.

So yeah, I spend £30/month on streaming :man_facepalming:


Shame the Nagra hasn’t got a digital input.


Yes, very much this :frowning_face:


All DACs sound the same:

£10.77 And the seller’s called “Hamworker” - it’s a good omen I tell you :ok_hand:


It’s got to be worth a punt.


It’ll succeed or fail depending how well it isolates the audio circuits from power supply noise. At the price it’s not a huge gamble.


Hmmmm, it seems that the ‘Deezer Hifi’ option won’t work on the SB apparently, it only works at 320kb.

I wonder if I get full fat FLAC with Tidal? Hmmmmm…


I think you do, although I can’t test it


I’ll sign up for the free month, and see how it goes…


Tidal is still catching up with Spotify library, not sure if Sinitta’s latest is on there yet :smile:


Bit of a deal breaker that…


Lms and ickstream certainly uses the flac source, I assume that can be sent to the the squeeze box.