Deezer and other inept streaming squeezebox bumbling

Does anyone have experience of Deezer? Tidal and spotify seem to get mentioned a lot but not Deezer.

The reason I ask is that I have a squeezebox that looks like this:

3rd generation I think (?).

Apparently Spotify have withdrawn support for SB, but Deezer works ok the site says…

I use a SimAudio Moon renderer to do all my streaming. It can take Quoboz, Deezer and Tidal via the app so I have tried all three. Deezer was shite in terms of what I listen to. I can’t comment on their interface etc as I was accessing the streams via the Moon app. BUT, in terms of content I have stuck with Tidal over the other two. OTOH, if Deezer works for your Squeezebox then it is better than nothing.

I received an offer of 3 month Deezer premium for 99p for 3 months. I can’t pass it on as it is unique to my email address. However, the offer expires on 8/1/2017 and I guess if you rummage around their site you’ll find it.


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Spotify are doing the same offer ->

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Tidal should work on that Squeezebox

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Napster will also work on it.

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there are work rounds for Spotify, for tidal does this help

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You can still use Spotify on a squeezebox

it is easier than it looks, I just logged into LMS and ticked the box for Spotty

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I’m using ickstream for Tidal on my LMS, very easy to setup and use.

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Thanks for the feed back guys, I’ll have a mess about with it later when the hangover eases off…

I have Tidal working on my SB Booms, which I think use the same system as the SB3. I can’t remember how it was set up, but I don’t think it’s complicated. Might even just be a tidal plugin.

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Well it’s up and running. It’s taken a while as I had to get it un registered from it’s previous owner…

Currently I can control it from my lap top (now) and can do plug ins and things.

I can play files from my hard drive.

I have a free Deezer account at present that works great, Tidal looks very easy to set up as it’s already there, i’ll look at Spotify again as that doesn’t seem so straight forward for a Luddite like me…need some un bothered time to work that out.

Your fecked now Rob, streaming is really economical on storage space.

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Well I am very very excited tonight as I’ve bitten the bullet and signed up for a free month on deezer (£9.99 jobby), mainly because deezer works without any messing about on the squeezebox classic, and because I haven’t really any more space for records to be honest(!).


Be interested to see how you get on, Rob. When I subscribed to Napster a few years ago it was a real “Down the rabbit hole” experience for me.

Just need to get @Jim on the case with something now.


I’ll probably try a free month on all of them possibly…liking deezer so far and already thinking about going for the ‘Hi-fi’ option :man_facepalming:

Total no-brainer.

For the price of 2 or 4 pints a month you get to fill in the gaps in your collection, never make a duff vinyl purchase again and be like a pig in shit if you’re a new music junkie.

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Yeah, I can see why this streaming thing has caught on, it’s an Aladdin’s cave!

Trying them all is a good idea, if for no other reason than it’s good economics - you’ll get about 6 months of music before you decide which service to use.

If you plan to use their mobile apps quite a bit, such as in the car, that’s where most of the differences are.


Do you still use Napster Mark?

I already have a monthly spotty account and a wire running from the audio out on my desktop’s motherboard to the Preda. It sounds shite though…