I thought this had been covered recently, but didn’t find that on a search…

Parents want a dehumidifier for an old, large, detached house with single pane windows. It’s a large footprint, four bed with another attic room.
The heating bills are crippling them so they are letting the temperature drop below the dew point quite often.

Anything reliable, as well as economical?


Something like this.

Or Ebac.

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Was looking at them recently. It’s worth looking at the exact nature of the damp being dealt with as of the two types of de-humidifiers (dessicant or compressor type) one or the other may be more appropriate in a given situation.

Meaco seem to be a well regarded brand although I haven’t pressed the button yet.

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I have an Ebac that has been in use for about 27 years. Still going.

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We have 2 Meaco dehumidifiers, bought the 2nd one last month for upstairs.
They are reliable, quite and pull a surprising amount of water from the air, and they dry washing double quick this time of year.

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I have a Swan SH3040 which seems pretty powerful, though it says 370 Watts input so maybe not the cheapest to run. Works well.

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Are these things capable of producing clean, dust free water? Useful for making-up cleaning solutions for RCMs if so.

Often wondered that as I’ve poured 5L down the sink. Looks clean and clear, though I’ve not investigated the filter on mine.

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It is good to put in your iron, for ironing.


It should be really good quality. As long as the container is kept clean, it should be fine for that

Me too, both them 6 years ago from John Lewis. Never missed a beat and they’re very effective.

Very humid here so they can often fill the 6ltr tank in less than a day.


If I had a record cleaner id use it.

Although id probably pour it through a paper filter first of all.

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I have a Bylss Fallon 12L unit which I use to dry my laundry and deal with Humidity. Works really well!:sunglasses:

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Bought the Meaco 20L for the garden room direct from their website


Just got one, as well, to replace my 28 year old Ebac, that died.