Denon AU 320 SUT

Had this unit for a while, it has a fault, intermittent loss. That’s more just not working that working. It’s always been temperamental on the switching, it just got to the stage where they gave up.

There are two switches, both the same type. One switches between two inputs, the other between 3 and 40 Ohms or a by pass.

The switches use linear sliders and I strongly suspect that mechanical wear had resulted in our contact between the fixed and moving element of the switch. Not repairable.

Do these type of switches exist anymore, if not, any recommendations on replacement types that maintain the toggle switch interface.

Suspect it’ll be a PITA to find switches of that quality nowadays, but I don’t know.

They look like they might be strip-downable, and if so, refurbishable?

Yes, they can be stripped down, that’ll be this afternoon’s job. It’s a punt to nothing as they don’t work anyway. The three way slider is far looser than the two way, identical switches. Might just be able to switch out the internals and reconfigure as a single input device.

If they are both fucked, I could just set it up on bypass, single input, hard wired.

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or replace with decent rotary switches?