Denon DP-3000

As the projects stack up (along with the house) I’ve come to the decision that this project isn’t going to get started.

Its a pretty much mint DP-3000 unit, as far as I can see, not a mark on it. I bought it off someone who purchased it from Japan, to use the plinth. The unit was sold to me as ‘not working’ but did turn on and spin. The platter is in superb condition and the tape internal speed ring is unmarked.

I bought a small 100V transformer (included) and had a play with the internal pots, I can get it to hold 33rpm on one setting, and 45rpm on another but not both with a single setting (when switching between the two). Also, the 33rpm light on the button does not work.

Any interest to anyone, £80 + delivery? (or collection from Faringdon)

DP-3000 by Robert Seymour, on Flickr


Yes please


It’s yours :+1: