Desktop speakers

“Proper” speakers in the living room still aren’t really worth it due to mental young children, but working from home has got me thinking about getting something nearfield for my desk. I’ve been doing a lot of headphone listening and have used my hd650’s more in the last 5 months than the last 5 years. Really enjoy this, but always preferred speakers and wondering whether something like the Kef LSX might be worth getting. Thoughts?

I’ve been using a pair of Sonos play ones near field and they are surprisingly good. I have an old pair of HD650s with a Grace dac/amp but prefer to work with speakers.

Sorry don’t know the Kefs.

Have you considered Horns and valve amps ? :grinning:


Eclipse TDA 307 + weird Stargate pyramid spaceship amp.

Only a complete bounder would suggest anything else.

Altho the Sonos above is a (grudgingly) good shout.

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I have :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a complete bounder and recommend these… Monitor Audio Studios. Not sure if they are still a current model, but work really well plonked on a desk. I know MA have their haters, but these are very good, not harsh. Good soundstage even in this positioning.


Picked up some ex-demo LSX’s for 630 delivered. I’ve been speaker-deprived for quite a while, but they sound awesome, even just plonked ungracefully on the tv unit in a large high-ceilinged living room.


…and great on my desk at ear height ~50 cm away.

Like nice headphones but with proper stereo and bass you can feel, so exactly what I was looking for :+1:

Software is pretty flaky, but I went in eyes open. Just streaming from my Mac by airplay. Near the router was causing some drop outs on slave speaker but cable connection sorted that out.

They also look very nice :+1:


Nice! They’re on my (very short) list for exactly the same role. Have you considered the wee desk mounts / stands for them? (notwithstanding their pisstake pricetag)

Yeah, I bought the little desk mounts. The discount I got on the speakers made it easier :stuck_out_tongue: They are solid, but mount the speakers at a fixed upward angle, so aren’t actually what I thought I was buying. That said, they are actually perfect for when I have them set up on our tv unit which is relatively low. Also, the speakers are very forgiving so I do use them on my desk even though it points the drivers above the level of my ears (they are on a shelf about head level).

I meant to reply before now- you’ve probably decided what to get already :stuck_out_tongue: They do sound fantastic, whether on my desk at close range or set up for proper listening in our large’ish living room. They are really forgiving of placement, so much so that in the evening I often just sit on the couch and listen to them with them still set up on my desk- they’re about 3/4 meters away, above head height angled up and maybe 60cm apart.

But…the app, and even airplay connection, is flaky as fuck. I was getting distortion when connected by airplay (which, reading around, I gather is an airplay thing). I was also getting drop outs on the slave speaker (which can be dueI’m currently using them with optical out from an old Squeezebox Touch, controlled with an app on my tablet. Works perfectly, sounds perfect, and I’m happy with it, but not the out of the box solution that they’re pitched as.