Diet and Fitness


I can imagine it being tempting to try and train through it.


Third session of shockwave therapy yesterday - very sore today!


Couple of decent 4-5 mile runs since Friday. The heat damn near killed me though :sweat_smile:


I upped the weight on Good Mornings yesterday and was supposed to do 3 sets of 8. I was feeling good so kept the reps at 12.

Should’ve probably done 8s as I’m pretty tender today.


Couple more decent steady runs, 3 & 4 miles in the sun.

Picked up some weights yesterday to try to feel my way back in without agitating my elbow, physio thought it would be a good idea. Avoided anything requiring a lot of grip strength like pull ups and deadlifts, and did a single barbell weight routine of squats, rows, presses. Elbow doesn’t feel any worse today so just need to take it slow from here.


Ran longer than I’ve run before at the weekend. 8.5 miles from holiday cottage along the Deeside Way to rendezvous with the family in Banchory. Ran 5k with my son (he was on his bike) the day after- great fun, sprinting at random points (he made me properly hurt when he attacked on a slight downhill :stuck_out_tongue: ) then an easy 5k today. Completely undone any benefit by the amount of beer imbibed over the trip :smiley:

Me running and son riding worked really well, will definitely do that again (until he’s too fast for me to do that).


I think I should focus on strength for a month or so. I’ll drop the longer run and intervals but still try to run ~30 mins 3 times a week, and just do my 50’ish mile ride with friends on top of the commute.

Not entirely sure what to do, but should be something I can do at home- I had been thinking push ups/pull ups/ squats with perhaps kettlebell swings. I had a look online and found this- look reasonable?. Should I aim for a couple of times a week?


The KB link looks a good routine to me. I was pleased that it avoided some of the typical pulls and rotations that are quite high impact on shoulders, elbows and wrists.

I would go for something that had squats/ swings for lower body and pull ups and press ups for upper body, and you could do in 30 mins or less. How many pull ups can you do? (As that might shape how to structure the session to help you build pull up volume).


At the moment I am struggling to manage 2! (partly why I think I could do with focusing on strength for a bit!)


Is that pull up (palms facing away), or chin up (palms facing you)?


Chin up. Doubt I could do a pull up :stuck_out_tongue:


30 mins or less would be good- should you warm up and do dynamic stretches beforehand? 2-3 times per week? I’m thinking that when I focus on running or cycling next I would drop this down to once per week for maintenance, to avoid overdoing it.


Ideally -

5 mins gentle warm up - jogging on spot, run up and down stairs, burpees etc

5 mins dynamic stretching focusing on hips and shoulders

KB goblet squats - 3 sets of 10-15
KB swings - build up to 2 sets of 30
(Consider super setting these, otherwise restrict rest times to 60 seconds)

Press ups or dumbbell press - 3 sets of 10-15
Chin ups - I think you should try to do these ‘on the minute’. Either try this for five minutes right at the start, and five at the end, or 1 rep after every set - basically any way you can build up a bit of volume.


Thanks :+1: a couple of time a week? once a week to start?


Twice a week to start.


Ha. Faster today running at a steady pace (tempo? ~85% of max hr) than trying to go all out last Wednesday (I totally blew up in the last mile). Broke 24 mins for 5k- 23:41. The route’s not flat either- keen to see what I would do on a flat course

I guess I am actually slowly getting fitter


Flat 5k along the canal - 22min 10 secs


My training paces updated…


Still not managing to force myself to do any kind of strength training… The fact that it’s so nice outside isn’t helping!

I know I’ll appreciate the benefits, but it feels like a chore in a way that running or cycling doesn’t…


Totally understandable - intensity will generate greater heat.

Went for short run this morning and really wish I hadn’t - not really a morning trainer.