Diet and Fitness


Resurrecting the thread on fitness etc that got lost in the fire… so feel free to add your own or merely watch me crash and burn.

So I’ve been back on the gym horse for a few months now and have rebuilt up a decent foundation, so now it’s time for something stupid and reckless - German Volume Training!

This was dreamt up by those crazy Krauts (according to Prince Phillip!) in the 70s as a way of blitzing weightlifters into a growth spurt of lean muscle and fat reduction. Sounds good yeah? Well the downside is it’s painful and taxing physically and mentally and hurts like hell :grimacing:

The idea is that you do 10 sets of 10 reps for a big compound movement (squats, bench press, barbell rows etc) with strict timed rests. You have to work lighter but the build up of fatigue will trigger your deep fibres and kick your metabolism at the same time.

Otherwise nicknamed Great Volume Trauma, it’s precisely the opposite of what I would choose to do so I figure that will jolt my CNS into rapid adaptation (or kill me). Due to the stress you can only really do this for 6 weeks in a cycle, and probably only 1 or 2 cycles per year.

I’m going to be doing the following schedule to fit around work and the days I stop over and have access to the hotel gym (which is actually decent).

Mon - Chest & back
Weds - Legs and abs
Thurs - Shoulders & arms

The volume means that each bodypart gets a direct hit every 7 days, and is likely to take 4-5 days to recover.

There’s more here -

I’ll post my progress and experience so that those who are lazy and enjoy other people’s pain can get some enjoyment from it🙂

This is gonna hurt!


Not long after you started that old thread I stopped training. I already feel bad but this thread is now making me feel worse. I will really have to start again in the next few weeks.


It’s a real bitch when you stop, it’s so hard to get back going again - I think your CNS and your brain try their hardest to put you off!

I find taking any pressure off myself and lowering my expectations helps, then once you’re in the gym you’re hooked again.


Had a very nice swim this pm in a new pool to the area which was one of the two 50m warm-up pools used at London 2012. Lottery funding (I think) has enabled a local public school to acquire the shell & install it in a new building. A really nice temperature & some 21st century filtering & treatment means it requires very little chlorine. I did my usual stint (2K) thinking that the 50m lengths would make things more difficult but actually there was more of a chance to keep breathing steadily than the more numerous interruptions at 25m normally cause. It was good. I’ll use it again.


Looks great.

My wife who can really swim would love that (I’d be knackered after 2 lengths!)




I have managed to do no excercise for a couple of weeks. Will rectify that tomorrow.


The burger diet.


I had a think about exercise this morning, it is Sunday the day of rest after all…


Off for a quick cycle and then a nice walk.


Well done you, actually I did carry a clothes drier machine thing across the road this morning, it made me puff and pant a bit.


Burgled the neighbours?


Leaves, fucking leaves everywhere from the four trees at the front and three at the back. Two bins full and still more leaves. Today’s exercise is leaf based.


Beats the damp dogshit I’ve been scooping up…


I bought a leaf blower/vacuum this morning and it’s great fun, powerful enough to knock small children over :slight_smile:


Was that listed in the specifications ?


Scientific experimentation on the nephew


Preparing for day one of German torture by sitting about doing nothing and trying to wait out a hangover.


Is that a poem?


This really makes me want to try harder at snowboarding: