Digital photo frame for elderly relative

anyone bought or use one they can recommend - idiot proof, looks nice and shows decent image quality, robust so can stand a knock and doesnt need a teenager to work out how to send the photos for display - ideally whole family can send in photos and they just appear

for 92 year old granny xmas - good idea of plain daft?

I did exactly this for my mother as she started getting pretty vague - digitised all the family photos and stuck them on a rolling display.

Sorry, I can’t remember the brand.

TBH she wasn’t very interested, but the exercise has left me with a nice catalogue.




I did look on Amazon to jog my failing memory, but it’s a product type that is now awash with made up name identikit Chinese gear.

My trouble precisely, they all seem expensive and do the same thing, keen not to spend too much in case she doesn’t use it but happy to spend more if it’s a known good un

Hate to say it but I tried one of these for my mum who had Alzheimer’s and has since died but it was quite complicated to set up and tbh a small physical album of photos engaged much more. There may be newer simpler ones on the market now of course as this was a few years ago.

Much the same experience. My Gran responded to images well after her stroke. My cousin, Perfect Stevie*, bought a digital frame. I compiled a photo album.
Unbeknownst to each other we delivered the respective gifts on the same day.
Gran clung onto the photo album until the day she died.
We aren’t aware of any reaction to the computer screen.

Elders and tangibles….

*Mentioned in other threads😏

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Have you thought of a photo book ? Download your photos along with your captions for each photograph and they will be printed as a book. Tactile, recognisable and almost guaranteed to be cherished. Many companies do them and are of good quality.

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Photo book idea is great

Might combine that with a new framed pic of our bit of the family for the mantle

Who needs digital, thanks for the advice guys