Dinner, Cambridge on a Sunday

we may well find ourselves in Cambridge on a Sunday night. Anyone one care to recommend somewhere to eat. Restaurants, pubs etc ?

Today’s guardian recommends a place. Parker’s tavern ?? I would give it a go from the review?

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The Eagle, a pub in the centre of town. Full of history, and the food is decent also.

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What kind of food? There is a bit of everything there. Posh, pub grub, street food?
Posh http://www.cottocambridge.co.uk

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funnily enough we might be staying at the Gonville Hotel with is attached to Cotto, and walking distance to Parkers Tavern.

ah, not open on Sunday…

eaten and stayed there before and wasn’t entirely impressed

You are tough to please. Always found it quite decent.
2 Michelin stars http://www.midsummerhouse.co.uk/dining.html

This was always very good, but haven’t been for awhile. Restaurant 22 - DeliciousRestaurant 22

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midsummer house would be our first choice, having eaten there twice, but alas not open on Sunday.

Quite fancy the Parkers Tavern, we’ve eaten at restaurants where Tristan Welsh was a chef/director/patron before - so i’d have high hopes the food would be good, even if he wasn’t actually cooking.

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booked - thanks for the heads up.

What’s the restaurant where you have to walk across a small bridge to a small island on the Cam (?) ? Wooden structure with a lot of glass on the first floor ?
Had a fantastic meal there.

I once got so pissed there after a chemistry practical I had no memory of cycling home in the rain when it was dark. I crashed my bike, as my glasses had totally misted up and it was pitch black. Some months later, my bike split in two. Since I had no memory of crashing it, I swore blind I hadn’t when discussing it with the bike company, who subsequently repaired it for free.


Funny how you remember right at the end. ( for those of a certain age who used to like a Topic in preference to a Marathon (Snickers)).