Direkt and Amps

I’m using a Cayin CS-55A valve amp with mine Dave - sounds epic mate :grinning:

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Any good, or just shiny?

If you can find a Cayin 265i class A amplifier at a good price, buy it.

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One thing the Direkts have is better bass - not just deeper bass, but across the board, it’s more natural, and more tuneful.

Mind, there’s a pair of Triangle Magellan Quatuor on ebay - been there for months with incremental reductions in price - that I’d have tomorrow if I had the cash, but I’m very far from it, and even then, I’d want to keep both sets of speakers… And that would be batshit…


I hope you manage to get them sounding right. My little Sugden with its 16w did a good job. The Heco’s were too big for my room. I doubt I would have got them to sound better than I did. I found them not to be bass monsters, I think I said on the phone that they were kind of like @akaYoda Art Impressions, you’d expect more bass than you get, when it’s deep it’s DEEP

How’s the over all sound, you did say the mid and treble were good.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:


I use SE 300B amps, always worked really well for me