What utter spazmongling fucktard came-up with that endlessly irritating shit? Seriously - fuck-off!

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LOL, you will suffer the fluffy “new user” experience like every other gimp.


I only logged-on to ask some stupid noob-style question and then fuck-off again, since when I’ve been politely attention-span-raped, moaned about it, replied to a dead thread AND forgotten what the original fucking question was!!!:poop:

Attention seeking whore


Stating the blindingly bloody obvious…


You look hot

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Not after I finished with her.

Bit worn now.

Folds are pretty moist TBH.

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Now… about this fucking landing page…


They will be

You are going to need breathing apparatus and some kind of hardened exoskeleton, but your face is going to be sat on laddy :+1:

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I’ll just pinch my nose

I weigh 47 stone and can only leave bed using specialist lifting apparatus - I’m sure you’re a Big Strong Boy (well, your Grindr profile says so), but you may want to scale-up your prep for this…

Now I’m damp

Funnily-enough, I am too. Always something leaking or oozing under a fold somewhere…

If I give you a bucket of hot Jeyes Fluid and a yard brush would you mind giving some of my spare arses and backbreasts a going over once your custard-chucker’s sicked its muck up?


Backbreast :heart_eyes: