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It would have been even pricier if we’d gone for ClarityCap MR’s all the way through, but my customer did decide to draw the line somewhere. And to be fair four of the Jantzens are ‘just’ bypassing electrolytics.



Not exactly HiFi but the pull cord switch in my bathroom is SNAFU. I am confident to wire it up OK but I’ve seen 5A, 6A and 10A.
Which is better/necessary ?


The one that best matches your bathroom decor.


Excellent. Zebrano it is :+1:


Lighting rings are fused at the consumer unit with a 5amp fuse or trip. So a 5amp should be fine unless it switches a fan on in which case go higher.


The one that doesn’t invalidate your insurance if your house burns down.


What is in there?


Just a light in the bathroom.


I meant what’s the current switch rated for, you buffoon.


Yeah… you Buffoon! :slight_smile:


Ha !
5A but I was just wondering if over speccing stuff will improve the quality of light :thinking:


Bandwagon. Jump. Much :roll_eyes:


As Chris Rea said, “Gone Fishing” :sweat_smile:


So based on the fact that your house hasn’t burnt down, you can probably figure out the answer. :joy:


G’day Blue! Where have you been, you mahooosive ginger nugget?



I’d worked it out earlier and bought summat appropriate, but I was letting the thread run it’s course.

No harm in some attention seeking :smirk:


Oh… there you are … thought I could smell cabbage. :slight_smile:


Russ Andrews Magic Pull Cord and dedicated mains or don’t bother.


The switch has failed though.



Probably more to do with the baboon swinging off it than the rating per se. Not sure they have a weight rating.