DIY Audio General - stuff you're making, tips, advice sought, etc

Seems to be no general thread for this, so thought I’d kick off with a voucher valid until NYD from Hifi Collective (with whom I have no connection) for 10% off - pretty sure anyone can use it:


Be nice to hear what folks are making out there, too :+1:


today been some nice speaker stands from argos chopping boards and wickes staircase spindles , looks ok to me

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Got to see a picture of those

Do you have one?

Since you asked… :wink:



That sounds like a potential winner for me as I need to make some stands myself :+1:

Part way through a parts bin/cheapo gainclone using the Kevin Mount boards to drive my Stax electrets.


At last, some proper moderation :grimacing:

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P1050197 by , on Flickr

P1050199 by , on Flickr

P1050204 by , on Flickr

not perfect but not bad for under 100 quid , they are the large chopping boards from argos at 17.99 each


How did you join the legs to the bases/tops?

ashamed to say I drilled holes in the boards and screwed them tight both ends . the speakers will cover the screws and they are countersunk . I looked at those something solid metal stands but could not stand looking at the metal work .
I also looked closely at some beautiful stands from oak furniture land at 250 quid for a pair and are exactly the correct height but they are just slightly too big in size and 250 is still a fair amount of money

I do intend to use those iso pucks with the stands I have made

WTF’s wrong with using screws? That’s what the cunting things are for! Those stands look decent and very fit for purpose - and not everyone can blow 25 grand on woodworking tools and house them all in a workshop!


I bought some silver tants, the best advice I got was to get Pete to tell me which ones to buy and then get him to come down and fit them.

There are a few hiding under the top left bracket.
Same again on the other amp.

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Any subjective impressions?

U ok hun?

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I like them,
They seem to do all the things that proper upgrades do, everything seems to have more space and time.
Simon bought round his Slagle SUT in the gunmetal case the same evening that Pete was here, that sounded rather lovely too.


Yeh babe, just on the blob - it’s like the fucking Bataclan in my gusset at the mo hun!

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Worthwhile result :+1:

Why’s yer drip tray like a balaclava?

French nightclub after a visit from Isis ya numpty…