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Unicorn Ivory, I believe.


Looks great


That’s great Pete. Just what I wanted. With Duelund Silver wire. :heart_eyes:


Outslanding :heart_eyes:


Would’ve looked better in gunmetal :smiley:


The love beads look a tad dangerous


Steel, and there are mu metal cans inside.


Yep, finished.


What are the bendy blue things in the background, they look like smaller versions of some of the tooling I saw in a Jag factory visit.
have you got robotic croc clips? :grin:


If that is a SIT amp where does all the heat go?
Shouldn’t it have dangerous spikey bits?


They are helping hands



FFs…anything with croc clips :roll_eyes:


In which an amp designer gets the idea for his design aesthetic, but then fucks it up when translated into perspex…


Brilliant, just ordered one.
I was a broadcast wireman for ten years and have never seen one!!


This is the best I could manage.



I’ve got one of those, but it’s missing one of the crocodile clips, has been for years, just can’t be bothered getting round to buying a new one.


I have one of those, but it’s a bit shit.

The purple one was given to me by a friend and it’s much better.


I also have one and it’s a lot shit


Laying out components for a SIT amp. One of three boxes.