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Awful lot of whoosh in this thread :exploding_head:


Carer forgot to take pooter away at sleeps time… :no_mouth:


Is it copper or silver wired?


There are some pics here post dates Nov 23rd


I blame gin.


Just put the WE300B back in and rebiased etc, sounding glorious


Finished. Gain is quite low, picking up a little bit of hum at high levels on the pot but then it is currently sitting close to the extension lead.

Sounding pretty good so far.



I’d look to wire routing for the hum.
Possibly route the two signal wires behind the heatsink… or…
In an ideal world I’d flip the amp boards/heat sink thru 180.
Try grounding the internal signal stuff at one end only.
If you’re commoning circuit ground to mains Earth, connect to Earth via ~50R + 100n paralleled.
A grounded band around the tranny can help with stray fields sometimes.
Quite a lot of wiring could be way shorter to good effect, and twist complimentary pairs together.




Yep, quite possibly. This was a first lashup, so improvements could occur if botheredness is in evidence.

The hum there is is directly connected to the volume, so it is upstream of the pot rather than anything else.


Best way to advance your learning is making a few minor mistakes and fixing 'em - I do very little else TBH…


thanks paul ,


New OB panels built as a test for a mate in the village (he was v impressed with OB’s a while back)
I should find out this week if the Sonos Amp he has is a sonic match so he can build his own. With the Decware DIY kit kindly on loan from Graeme plus a Behringer Inuke I reckon it deffo is a goer.


lovely … would love to hear them


They look good. Will they still be in your possession this coming weekend?


Yes they will be around for a while - You are welcome around message me if you want?


Sound, will do tomorrow when i know what’s occurring over the weekend.


Hey Andy, I see vinyl in the pic, I thought you had sold it all, or is that the start of a new collection? :grinning: