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“My workshop isn’t dirty enough”… I’m not sure she grasped the full thrust of the comments.
Nevertheless proof positive leggins are required for all DIY.

Compelling safety case, tight clothing is much less likely to get caught in machinery than loose / baggy options.


Putting together a range of screen savers to motivate my DIY efforts


Inspirational, i shall buy some leggings and set to a video. Instagram fame awaits.


I would pay a whole Pound to see that :grimacing:

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I would pay more than that not to


My trousers are fitting quite snugly after watching. Know what I mean? Know what I mean? :wink:

Nice clamps.

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I borrowed an Etsuro Gold for the show last week end. By the end of Sunday it was gathering dust/fluff more quickly than I liked so before I sent it back I had a look under the microscope & gave it a clean.

With clag
Tue Mar 28 11-12-27

after a proper clean

Tue Mar 28 11-17-08

Tue Mar 28 11-16-27

Tue Mar 28 11-19-06

The diamond cantilever & tip are very impressive.

It did sound a cut above the Bordeaux one I have, (as it should, given the £££)


All those visitors shedding skin flakes, microfibres and god knows what else in a small room… :sneezing_face: It did sound very nice.
How did you do the cleaning?

Never knew that was a thing, bet it’s expensive!

Do they do a cheaper sapphire one? I thought that sapphires were easier to grow and cut, and almost as hard. But then, it wouldn’t be the best possible…

Yes the Etsuro Bordeaux model I have has a sapphire cantilever & on both models the mounting plate and the platform the magnetic circuit/generator attaches to are made of synthetic sapphire. I think the cantilever/stylus assembles come in complete from an external supplier in Japan like Namiki Jewel Co. (now known as Orbray)

They appear to have an online shop for cartridge parts!
$2500 for a diamond cantilever with microridge tip

I think Koetsu offers models with these fitted aswell.

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The Kuzma CAR60 also has a diamond cantilever, sounds very nice

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I might be wrong but I think the Kuzma cartridges are also made by Excel.

very carefully (!) using a small round headed stylus brush with thousands of superfine bristles. Just kept at it while using the microscope til all the trapped clag/hairs had gone.

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I don’t know for certain, but suspect the same.

The CAR60 has diamond cantilever with silver coils and a Kuzma made aluminium body, I don’t think Excel make a direct equivalent atm

I understood them to buy the cantilevers / styli in also.

Looks like the shit from the last of us