DIY Class A stereo power amp build - ideas etc

Winter’s coming, and I can only wear so many watches, so summat to play music on would be nice, but this is AA, so some faff is needed.

I’ve had a gutful of valves - ever-more-expensive and unreliable consumables, and me, are going our separate ways…

And I’ve had a gutful of badly-designed and badly built Chinese crap with underspec’d transformers and general “fuck-you-roundeyes” shittyness.

So I am starting to fancy ASSEMBLING something.


  1. Stereo power amp
  2. One box
  3. Class A
  4. At least 30 WPC of actual Class A, not Musical Fidelity Class A…
  5. Easily obtained output transistors
  6. Plenty of current
  7. Linear PSU with discrete-diode rectifiers, toroidal transformer/s, perhaps with scope to go 2nd-box dual-mono PSU at a later date if the build justifies it…
  8. discrete regulation

Your old project that you’re bored with
Your incomplete project that you’re bored with (PLENTY of my own)
To have to reinvent the wheel
To have to learn anything - I am old and lazy and stupid
To think for myself in any way shape or form…
To go anywhere near the twatfest that is DIYaudio if I can avoid it…
A complete ready-to-build kit
Unobtanium anything, esp. transistors

I want something for which the PCBs are readily available - don’t want to twat-about getting them made.

Pass clone of some sort? Or Hiraga? Or what?

Be ages before I get my finger out, but good to get some ideas moving.

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Contact Rabski.


Get a Pass Labs Clone @Mrs_Maureen_OPinion. There are loads of details about. An F5 should be just the thing.

Unlikely that either of us will live long enough :joy:

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That is one of any number of options, but it’s the nuts and bolts stuff I want to get down to - e.g. are decent PCBs available (lots on ebay claim to be, but are any kosher?), as the idea is to build-up from PCB using quality non-foo components, box it up, and then stand it in a corner and never listen to it, as per tradition :+1:


@edd9000 should be able to answer those questions. I obviously avoid DIY strenuously myself.

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Kosher PCBs are available from Diyaudio for most of them.

I have a bunch of Aleph boards I had made up.

It’s boring but nothing touches the Pass stuff for ease of build/pets availability.


Boring’s fine, I’m only gonna be bunging stuff in holes and nailing it in a box, last thing I want is excitement. Good sound would be nice, tho. Which of the Aleph designs are the boards derived from?

You can just get fully populated Aleph boards from eBay if you’re as lazy as I think you are


I have a set of F5 boards you can have.


The alephs are essentially all the same, just voltage and number of output devices differ. The one I use are the The diyAudio Store - DIY amplifier kits, chassis, and parts boards.

You can build any aleph with them other than the J. Well you can do that too but it’s a bodge.


Look, they even have Nikon capacitors :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:

This is where

this happened


Aaaand onto the “ignore” list you go…

Something isn’t right there. The Aleph 30 has 6 output devices, not 2.

This is whole idea is missing Duelund & Slagle



Uncle Joe


Apologies for the common sense, I will return to the business at hand


Well, you could use some Hammond chokes.