DIY Hifi Rack (Redux)

I shall recap:

Making a 4 tier 1500mm x 620mm oak rack, similar to one of these:

Anyway I got unusually busy and ordered nearly everything I need the other day.

These arrived today:

I got legs, I know how to use 'em…:grinning:

Worktops arrive Thursday…

In the meantime I’m playing Jenga

A quick game, obviously.


Nice! It looks like a multi story chopping board :slight_smile:

Im feeling inspired.
Looking forward to seeing your finished item.

Im a bit shit with woodwork, how will you attach the legs?

Im not that shit!

Dowling and glue is your friend.


Long hex head screws, like you get with Ikea stuff, through the worktop and probably a dowel to keep them square on with the edges of the worktop, and glue for a belt and braces approach. Then the spiked feet will locate in the hex socket of the shelf below.

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Sounds good, I’ll be watching with interest.

Have you finished this fecker yet @Rob998?

No, my spikes have been delayed, and without them I can’t buy the screws because the spikes have a spherical “foot” so I need to buy screws with big enough hex socket for the foot thingy. They won’t be here for another week or so.

However progress has been made, the worktops arrived last week and today I chopped them in half. I’ll need to trim them slightly with a power plane to get the pieces exactly the same size, as I didn’t notice that my circular saw blade didn’t quite line up with the guide notch on its baseplate :rage: so the cut actually went a few mm to the side of the line, but it should only take a few passes. I may as well give them coat or 2 of oil while I’m waiting for the spikes.

Oh and 40mm x 620mm x 3000mm of oak worktop is fucking heavy.

Worthy of the “No Shit Sherlock” award for today :mag:


Finished it yet?

Lol! No. :blush:

The spikes arrived at the weekend and the ball thingy on the bottom of them is bigger than the socket in any of the hex head woodscrews I’ve got in my bits and bobs tin. I’ve seen some Torx (star) headed ones that will be perfect, but haven’t had a chance to nip to screwfix to pick them up.

I bought a set of clever drill bits that are combined pilot and countersink bits, and some Danish oil and a sponge brush for applying it.

Getting there.

Gone on the bonfire :wink:

You are Rabski and I claim my £5. Now get on with it


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The Danish oil made big, fuck off flames.


Yeah! Did you dance around it beating your chest too?

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You are building a rack not cloning an NVA amp :roll_eyes:


Finished it yet? It’s your day off, sort it.

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Some more progress has been made! :open_mouth:

In between sleet showers, which caused me to have to manhandle the slabs in and out of the garage, and as previously mentioned they are fucking heavy… I managed to get about 90% there…

The shelves have been trimmed so that they are the same length. And square. Turns out that the ends weren’t cut quite square at the factory and when I measured the length from the not square end I compounded the error and I had slightly parallelogram shaped shelves… So I clamped a straight edge and used my router to trim them square.

I also drilled the legs and put the threaded inserts for the spikes in. The 5 on the right are slightly off centre so I will use them as the legs on the bottom shelf.

Tomorrow I will drill the shelves to accept the screws for the legs, test assemble and decide whether to take the router around the top edges of the shelves to round them off, or just use my sander.