Diy horn tour


hope bonzo won`t mind me sharing this . its rather interesting


He thinks that was messy. I’d tidied up!


Never trust a diy horn nut with a tidy room.


Mmmm horns.


and I know you’re not kidding :grin:


Tidy room = sick mind.


Some folks just don’t get passion.


Link bust?


Can I just point out that this does not belong to me.



What, the hat?


Vtf looks out and the headshell has fallen off


This is unnecessary. You are a dealer. I presume it was ‘just resting’ in your listening room.


Nice springs btw.


Only good bit that…


If it were the version that emits Schumann waves I’d agree. But it doesn’t even make a good butt plug as is.


My imagination has gone to The Happy Place and my Ludicrous Wants List just increased by one :star_struck:


I hope you treated Kedar in the manner he has become accustomed to Guy!


He was a very pleasant & courteous visitor. who’d be welcome again any time. And next time I’ll have some more serious amps set up. (My L300/M845 were out on loan) Has he been to see you?.



How to fuck your bearing :roll_eyes:

Kedar has been here a few times. He’s a nice fella - a sucker for foo though :thinking:


It’s not that heavy. Actually, I preferred the sound with the Michell clamp I normally use.

I will push the boat out next time & get @stu in to do the catering.



Country Slices in batter?