DIY Open Baffle Subs

You’ll remember, from the forum that time forgot, that I’m planning to build a pair of Linkwitz Lab dipole subs - specifically these In the last episode I’d managed to find four Peerless 830500 long-throw drivers in good condition (none of the drivers for any of this range of subs is still in production). Here they are, with pound coin for scale:

Well today the cut ply for the baffles turned up. I haven’t done anything to it yet i.e. routering it for all the jointing and the holes for the drivers. But I thought I’d just stand the bits of wood up, house-of-cards stylee, to get a feel for the size and to gauge Mrs VB’s reaction. Here’s how it looked, with classic vinyl for scale:

I was going to paint the finished jobs black. But the ply is nice enough that Mrs VB says “I like the grain and the light colour”. So that’s that decision made then.

I might find time to get the router out at the weekend.



Good choice of vinyl (and drivers, have them in my own subs)

Looking good. Are you oiling the wood? It looks nice that way, and will be a lot less susceptible to dirt, but you might want to check the finish with the wife, it changes quite a lot!

Nice project I am a fan of OB bass - I have that LP also good luck.
If you need some clamps/ additional clamps for gluing I have four that might help
2 x 310mm throat and 2 x 460mm throat

Not sure about the wood, to be honest. I’m not at all experienced with wood beyond ‘two coats of white gloss’ around the house and,15-20 years ago, a couple of bottles of button polish on the afrormosia shelves which fill my study. The ply is just bog-standard birch, but I asked for good faces on the outsides of the sides and the top. I could always experiment on the bottoms. Is oil likely to work and, if so, will it last ? Otherwise I was thinking of decent (Ronseal, say) satin or matt varnish.


Tung oil gives a very good finish on birch ply. You should do four coats, with the first two adding some white spirit to the oil, although you can do fewer if you name be arsed. I think it looks much better than varnish.

Edit: try it on an offcut

Or a wax finish;

Or if you have a large pot of elbow grease, a 2 pack coating, can look wonderful and is super tough.