DIY speaker Bake Off

I’m thinking of organising another hands on day like I did last year but maybe a little less formal. Last year we sat down and Mark Fenlon and Dr Scott delivered lectures about driver and speaker design. This time I’d like to make it more about listening to speakers and to get more actual hands on time messing with speaker building and drivers but with plenty of time for QandA with me and Mark.

Last time I made this a charity day and asked for donations to Mind the mental health charity. My choice of charity upset someone though who then felt he wasn’t able to attend. This year perhaps it’s just best to say it’s just a normal bake off but with some extra free frills.

Anyone fancy it? What sort of format would folk like to see?

It would be in the same place in Warwickshire on a weekend.



Where in Warks. are you?

Sounds good Stefan, keep us posted.

Yes - I would be up for this thanks. Probably would bring something

Just off j12 M40 quite near Warwick


Don’t have anything to contribute but keen to see some DIY horns etc.

Me too.

I can do Frugel Horns etc obviously but it would be nice to see and hear some other stuff I as well and I’ve got my 4 ways and the little Ergo IX speakers.

I’l be back with some dates soon, just trying to get a handle in my mind on what sort of format. It would be in a room where my unit is which I can fit 20 or so people in, it’s a bit ‘live’ for serious listening but plenty of room for folk to bring speakers and other DIY kit to show off. I’d like as much as possible for it to be a DIY free for all.

On the other hand the talks I arranged last time which are on my KJF audio you tube channel went down very well so some ideas on what format folk would like would be nice.

I’d like to come along if the date is convenient.

Interested in any format depending on date.

There will be cake right?


Given you are 23 minutes from me, I really should if daddy duty (fairly all consuming) doesn’t get in the way.

This looks fun, although getting away for weekends is really hard for me without a lot of notice.

I also like the way you’re selling the Frugel Horns. I liked them when I heard them :+1:

If there’s going to be horns, I’ll be interested :grinning:

Open baffles (15" bass cabinet, 12" widebander and horn loaded 1" compression tweeter) and Bastanis Wildhorn built from driver kit and plans available here…

Hi, any idea of a date and firm location?

Bring the kids along, it’s a farm so they can run riot while we play :grinning:


Sounds good, I’d like to hear them