DIY speaker component extravaganza: RCA, Altec, Emilar, Renkus Heinz etc


Newbie here, but some might remember me from the ‘wam and PFM from yonks ago.

Anyways, selling a boatload of surplus kit and thought I’d start here given the DIY/vintage proclivities of some of the members here and most of you are just across the pond. Will be listing on other sites (e.g. DIYaudio) in due course.

All items in Dublin and cash-on-collection most welcome, but happy to ship at buyer’s expense and risk. Payment via bank transfer or paypal friends/gift.

PM for further pics / details etc.


PS: this is the first tranche. Other items down the line (once I get some of this stuff out of storage) should include RH SSD 5600 drivers, Altec 803a woofers, EMT 930/929/155st turntable, Neumann SMB2 phono, Vacuum State SVP1 pre-amp and maybe (maybe not!) an original Western Electric (UK) 275a push-pull amp (30321-G (UK) / d 94531/95036 US)) from the early ‘30s.

(1) Pair of RCA 9458 3” phenolic/1.4” exit compression drivers with pair of NOS/uninstalled diaphragms.

These are RCA’s post-war, PM cinema compression drivers . Have the pepper-pot phase plug, I believe. On the right horn, supposedly good from circa 300 Hz to 6K. Plenty of info on the web.

This pair are UK badged and says made it in the UK, but I find that hard to believe. In excellent cosmetic condition (see pics).

Picked these up years ago (sans diapers) and managed to source 2 NOS diaphragms (in original boxes) since then. Measure 9.2 and 9.4 on my crap ohm-meter. Diapers have not been installed/used so new owner gets the very rare opportunity to hear these circa 70+ old drivers like new!







(2) Renkus Heinz SSD 3301 3”/2”exit compression drivers (16 ohm) SOLD

** (3) Single Altec 292a 2.88/3” phenolic/1.4” exit compression driver (16 ohm).**

Picked this up years ago and had it remagged and installed with new 16 ohm diaphragm by GPA. Sat unused since then. Should be able to dig out GPA receipt.

In excellent condition and measures 10 ohms.





(4) Altec 23691/414 12” 8 ohm woofers (with 210607 cones)

These are “special” Altec 414s (b’s or c’s) which were used in its 1970’s Stonehenge I speakers. Both have the original 210607 stamped cones used for the 414 and the only difference that I can tell is the dustcap has no vent in the middle.

In excellent cosmetic and operational condition and measure 6 ohms. Happy to shoot through vids of working units.


IMHO, would be an ideal match with the Altec 32c horns (see below) to whistle up an Altec version of the WE 753 ala JE. See: JE Labs: Altec 753C




**(5) Altec 32c (plastic) 1” exit bent horns SOLD **

Based on the WE 32a horn and used in various Altec speakers, including the A8, Model 15, A8, 9849, 1221/1231. General consensus is that this is the version to have (as Altec reworked the throat length to properly account for use with 1” drivers and is less resonant than earlier metal versions).

Loads of info on the net, including:

Becoming quite valuable now given the attention from J-Rob and JE.

In excellent cosmetic condition (see pics).






(6) RCF H3709 1” aluminium straight horns

RCF’s straight version of the Altec 32 bent horn. Cast aluminium and appears NOS.





(7) Emilar EH 500 2” cast aluminium radial horns

Heavy cast aluminium radial horn getting a lot of attention given J-Rob’s use with Emilar adapter and Altec 802s.

Much preferred to Altec 511 and 811 horns given better throat geometry and solid loading to 500 Hz.

Again, plenty of info on the web, including when paired with Renkus SSD 3301s or 1” drivers (e.g. Altec 802 with adapter).

In excellent condition. £500




(8) Renkus Heinz SSH820 2” cast aluminium horn

Loads of info on web.

A bit dusty with some paint marks etc but in very good condition.



(9) ZXPC 2" Throat Horn Bolt-On 18"x10"For Assorted Bolt On 2"Exit Drivers 90°x 40

Details here: 2" Throat Horn Bolt-On 18"x10"For Assorted Bolt On 2"Exit Drivers 90°x 40°(398) 647356205293 | eBay

Well liked horn with good loading down to 500 Hz. See, for example:

In excellent condition.





(10) DDS CFD ENG 1-90 PRO-S 1” conical horns

Details here: DDS Waveguide Horn - DDS CFD ENG 1-90Pro-S Screw-On Type Waveguide Horn - DDS CFD ENG 1-90Pro Waveguide 1" 90 x 90 fiberglass horn. DDS horns available now.

In as new condition (had to remove one from original sealed packaging to take photos).




Nice. I reckon @hoopsontoast should get the Renkus Heinz drivers, which seem well priced, think he was looking for a high sensitivity midrange…

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Thanks, heads off to google…

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Data sheet

Reasonable offers considered.

Have a good weekend!


Update: Altec 32c’s sold.


Update: finally got to test the Altec 23691/414’s and both sound lovely. No buzzing or scraping. Happy to shoot through vids of working units.

Bump and price reduction. 15% off listed prices.

Update: Renkus Heinz SSD3301’s sold.

New Years’ bump and 25% off listed prices.