Do we have an accredited Trade Union official here?

I have a little work issue i may need some help with…

I’ve never been a TU steward but when I was in industry as a senior manager I was trained to the same level in workplace rules, regs and procedures etc.

Feel free to PM, I’ll help if I can or might be able to signpost you to someone better qualified.

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I’m a member of the CWU but when I had an employment contract grievance with Crapita they were next to useless.

TBH you may be better getting advice from an employment solicitor than a Union these days.

PS - get yourself over to pfm, probably not any there either but you’ll have a 50 page frothing at the mouth thread about how Maggie destroyed the unions :slight_smile:


Does your house insurance have legal cover? Helped me when I had an issue.

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It helped me too. Amazing how compliant HR get when you casually mention that you have £1M legal cover for losing your job as part of your insurance. Within 4 hours they were throwing money at me.

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