Bit of a shitty opening to the thread, but it looks like one of the pups may not be long for this world. She’s been quite incontinent since we got her. Took her to the vets this evening and an ultrasound revealed quite severe renal dysplasia. Both kidneys are tiny, spherical (they should be roughly the same shape as a humans) and missing most of the outer surroundings.

She’ll certainly never be continent at all, but that doesn’t bother us too much. We’ve got used to keeping a mop and bucket out, and all the floors in the house are tiled so super easy to clean. The issue will be how it effects her quality of life (it will certainly curtail it). We’ve got some anti-inflamatories to try as she does whimper sometimes when weeing, but tbh I’m not feeling overly hopeful.

That’s terrible. So sorry to hear that sad news.

It’s a terrible decision to have to make but I have always thought along the lines you are clearly thinking - what is the best thing for her?

I hope everything works out as well as possible.

Sad news that is. To brighten things up - Here is a snap I took today when out walking
These dogs were lovely.

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Shit news mate.

Sorry to hear that mate.

That is really bad news Jon. I’m glad I don’t have to make the decision you’re probably going to have to in the next few days.

If she is able to have some quality of life, and you’re willing to take on the responsibility, then great, but I’m sure you’ll make the right decision which ever way it goes.

Is this a consequence of not being fully weaned or of maybe overbreeding?

Fuck Jon. As if you haven’t got your own issues to worry about. :astonished:

Don’t thing so, it’s congenital rather than environmental, and this was the first litter of puppies that bitch had had.

We also have an appointment Monday so the vet can check if her sister has the same problem :frowning:

Where there’s life there’s hope

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Terrible news mate.

Sorry to hear your news Jon, hopefully her sister will check out ok.

Had the sister looked at today, she has the same issue but nothing like as severely (one kidney is pretty close to normal in fact).

We’ve switched them over to home made dog food, which they both love to bits and that does seem to be improving matters. Neither of them seem to be suffering at all at this point, so it will be a case of playing it by ear and keeping an eye on them both in case that changes. They’re not going to live as long as normal, but they should be able to have a good enough quality of life in the mean time.

Curtis the naughty lab.

Ms ICHM bear sitting on my lap.

Second daughters dog ‘Hector’

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The middle one appears to be ALF of television fame.

Breagha on the beach yesterday in the rare moment she sat still.

Hope everything turns out ok Jon.


A rare peaceful interlude between Maddie and Hildur


That is such a good pic. They look like they are made for each other. :slight_smile:


He’s a Briard and 10 months old. Currently 40Kg, he’s one of the bigger ones.

Cockpunch to my eldest daughters dog (who I am looking after for two weeks) for waking me up at 5am and then being sick and poo’ing at the same time. FFS.