My friend is looking after his daughter’s dog while she’s on holiday. Too cute



The pair of them are loving these conditions





This is a bad business. The farm is close by here & it’s still unclear what happened.
But 45 sheep dead is horrific. It happened at night. Could it have really been one dog or several? Have they got out from where they were kept or have they deliberately been set loose.


The local MP piped up as might be expected but doesn’t seem to mind when it’s foxes being torn apart by hounds. Indeed he lets the local hunt use his land.

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That’s horrific! :sob:
I don’t know a great deal about rural goings on, but surely there must be some degree of human responsibility and/or culpability here?

I’m not putting up the worst pictures, sheep with faces missing etc.
But yes, either a dog or dogs have got loose (and the owners must have known when they got back) or someone’s done it for sport.

It is a crime, the trouble will be proving who is responsible and what dogs.

Usually our rural crime team deal, but I have been at a job with drone to find the dogs and firearms officers have destroyed them. Sad, but the dogs were just trying to find another field to keep going on.

The crofters here have the legal right to shoot dogs if they attack (or even chase) their sheep, I assume it’s the same in England.

Fortunately my two have little interest in the sheep. A lamb got out of a field last year and in an attempt to get past it ran along a ditch towards us. Hildur ran all the way home thinking it was chasing her :joy:


Yep farmers can shoot them here too if the livestock is in immediate danger and there is no other option.

Shooting the owners is what is needed.
Same with all the bully dog attacks.


A couple of days ago Tara found a muntjac laying-low in our paddock and being a lurcher gave chase. The Muntjac went under a barbed-wire fence, while Tara - being the least-intelligent multicellular organism in the known Universe (there are more intelligent things growing on the cheese in the fridge) - she attempted to go through the fence as though it wasn’t there…

The resulting hole in her was nothing like as bad as it might have been, thank fuck, but of course being heroically fucking thick she has licked it unrelentingly, probably because she likes the flavour… So, cone-of-shame time is upon us.

The sulking is immense

Keeping the fucking thing on her is going to get ever-more interesting I suspect.


Our friend’s lurcher did something similar. Same dog/deer interface except dog decided to jump the fence that had bw on the top rail. Dog caught back leg on the bw. .





Max’s first clipping of the year (we let him get hairy for the cold months) - the big smelly sod gets woolier every year! Started with a thorough brush-out by Sam and I working together, then a clipping in multiple stages to give Max a break, then into the shower with him - easily four hours work!


On my phone’s tiny screen, it looks like you got a new doggo and it’s lying curled up on the kitchen floor :joy:


That’s what my dog looks like before it gets a haircut.


Rug really ties the room together…etc etc…


Yeah, it was a fuckton of hair - about the size of a cocker spaniel. I need to go over him with the clippers again really, but he’s looking a fair bit less shabby for a 14YO lurcher:


I’m at my wits end at a situation that’s developed with the girls.

Hildur’s aggression towards Maddie has become more and more frequent and yesterday afternoon was the worst yet. No provocation whatsoever but Hildur attacked and Maddie suffered cuts to her throat and nose and although they were not deep or too serious she was clearly traumatised by the affair.

I cleaned the wounds thoroughly with antiseptic and a clean (new) cloth, she was clearly in some discomfort but (somewhat reluctantly) allowed me to do it. I kept them apart for the rest of the evening and this morning her wounds are already healing and look ok. However, when I let them out of their crates this morning Hildur immediately started growling with Maddie taking her typical submissive stance, the precursor to having another go. I’ve had to put them in separate spaces again as it certainly would have led to another distressing confrontation.

Keeping them apart is a (temporary) working option at the moment but it can’t be a viable long term plan.

I’ve looked but can’t find any canine behavioural specialists in Shetland so unfortunately that’s not an option. I am taking them to the vets for their annual check up, boosters, etc. on 27th Feb. and I’ll ask them if they can give me any advice. Maybe there is medication available to calm Hildur’s aggression? I really don’t know but I’ll ask.

If that isn’t an option and the aggression continues then the worst nightmare scenario is that I might have to consider rehoming one of them, I can’t allow Maddie to suffer like this. That would break my heart and would be an absolute last resort, I’m in tears just typing this and I’m not exaggerating when I say they’re my life.

Meanwhile, until I find a solution it’s going to be a full time job attending to both of their needs without allowing them to share a common space. I already walk miles with them every day and that will obviously double. The physical side of this isn’t a problem but it’s already taking a toll on my mental health, my head is in tatters.

They’ve both had three walks today (that’s six for me) mostly in pissing rain, although that’s no big deal. Maddie has been fine when we’ve been out and showing no physical signs of her ordeal but she’s rather reluctant to come back into the house with me until she’s sure that Hildur is locked out of the way.

I’m not expecting, or even hoping, that there will be any sage advice incoming, I just had to get it off my chest.

TL:DR - Where this could end is terrifying me!