Haha , just sent mrs pilgrim the link , just sent me this pic back. Just taken. With , these two bums

wouldn’t wait 80 minutes let alone 80 days !


I’ll ask him.


Abby knows how to enjoy life at 17



That’s an amazing age for a large dog.:+1:


Rosie & Tilly fairly recently…


Ha ha, my 18 yo cats, Sony and Jasmine, won’t let Ruby anywhere near them, she risks a severe nose clawing if she sticks it too close. This is after 6 years in the same house, and Ruby is really gentle around them. They just fucking hate her, the little shits.

TBH the cats are snide little twats. Jasmine especially is a little cunt who will happily ignore her litter tray and go and piss wherever she fancies, like in a washing basket, under Claires desk, or, and I expect this is just trolling, in Ruby’s bed. Oddly, she never shits anywhere except the tray.


Haha, Rosie and Tilly are bezzy mates, Poppy (Tillys sister) can’t really stand Rosie and Rosie knows it and they give each other ‘space’.


How to make school better.


The wife decided to dress the dog this evening. In youngest offspring’s pyjamas



The diet’s going well.


Got her at 6months and was expecting 12 to 14 years She’s still here! And a lovely cantankerous old lady she is too. When she was young she was thin as a rake and refused pet food, so we’ve always cooked for her. Mmmm…


Lap dog.


Owners looking like their dogs - only a few grey hairs required.


You don’t look very happy, did your Toyota break down?


I’m full of cold verging on man flu. And the Yaris is still fine thanks in my father in laws ownership :wink:




Been for a ride in the new motor yet?