Domain registrations

For various tedious historic reasons I have some domains registered with and others with GoDaddy, but I have reached the end of my rope with both

any recommendations for a sensible domain hosting co who’s site doesnt look like it was designed by an adhd teen on poppers

Are you looking for web hosting or just domain registrations, if the latter there’s little that needs doing beyond DNS?

I was using Google Doamins for reg & dns but they’ve now sold everything to squarspace, haven’t been migrated over yet so no idea what they are like.

Have used 123reg for years and they have been ok

just domain registration and ability to change dns settings

123reg is ok for that.

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actually scrub that, just logged into 123reg and it all looks fucked

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Been with 123 decades, they just moved or are in the process of moving everyone over to the new look interface - it’s a pita. Have loads of domains with them so likely staying put, if I only had a couple I’d look elsewhere.

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GoDaddy was ok, I just use AWS nowadays