Donald Trump finally announced as some massive in-joke (Part 2)

And they say the world isn’t controlled by a shady group of billionaires… One man is effectively deciding who can and can’t run for US president. He may not decide who wins, but he shouldn’t have a say in who runs either.


Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
Land of the free, home of the billionaires.

The UK is a cheap country, all you need is a few thousand to buy politicians as a donor of the Conservative Party. And if you’re a billionaire in the UK…

“Among the policy proposals he endorsed on Tuesday were the death penalty for drug dealers, term limits for members of Congress and planting an American flag on Mars. And wading into the social fights he enjoys inflaming, Trump promised to protect “paternal rights” and keep transgender athletes from competing in women’s sports.”
This is his idea of great, or the idea he believes his disciples think is vote winning great. Whatever the case, abysmal.

It isn’t a given that he wins the Republican nomination, although even if he loses you can’t see him going quietly.

Hopefully he’ll split the party. Half for DeSantis and half for Trump.


All micro-politics. Pick lots of totally unconnected little things that ‘grind the gears’ of various groups of the electorate and make simple but insincere promises to magically make these go away. No vision except getting into power.

And this is playing out all over the world as fuckers like Trump et al work out how to game modern democracy for their own ends.

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As long as Trump is planting the flag in person, I am all for it.

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He’d love to but bone spurs.


Will Mars be paying for it ?


Please tell me it was laminated