Donald Trump still not announced as some massive in-joke


Briefing notes for meeting with victims

Point 5. Remember to try & appear concerned…



Please tell me that is fake


Nope Not only dumb enough to need it, but dumb enough to show it.





At this point I pity the United States.

400 million people / the most technologically militarised nation in the World.

I pity them.

Was the “45” on his cuff there to remind him what numbers are biggerer than 3…?



:poop::poop::poop::poop::poop: Daily Fail website - thanks - I feel like I just bathed in dogshit. :poop::poop::poop::poop::poop:



He is his own cheerleader. The twat.


Apologies, hadn’t even noticed it was the fail. :grinning:

Please feel free to approach your local NHS mental health provider for therapy. I just hope that you are not in a rush as they have bugger all funding.


I think you are being too kind.


I’m sure @Wayward can confirm but I thought monograms on cuffs went nearer the buttons.


I thought it a bit insensitive of Trump to wear a shirt monogrammed with his favourite calibre of bullet to a meeting with Parklands survivors.


I thought it was his IQ


That would have been 4.5


Sperm count ?



45 = average tweets per hour celebrating his own presidency


I know a lot of the American media refer to his most loyal supporters as Cult 45 so maybe something to do with that ?

Either that or it’s his IQ score which is the highest everer.


shirt serial number - next one is 46 etc…


That must be a spelling mistake


In my experience and estimation anyone who wants anything monogrammed has personality problems and generally they are cunts.

The mid-cuff monogram that low on the cuff, specifically designed to show below the coat sleeve is not that unusual, for merkins anyway. He probably has another at chest height on the left of his shirt. He wears the cuffs of his coat waaay too long, so his shirt cuff would have to be correspondingly long to show beneath. He has small hands however so the cuff would have to be tight enough that it didn’t drop over his knuckles.
Americans are scared of clothes that actually fit. When I used to travel there a lot, I became expert in making top businessmen look like sacks of shit. Custom tailoring is all about choice to them, the fabric, the lining, the monogram etc, is what they are into. They would then want it to look like a tent on them. I would take their measurements and then add an inch to the cuff, bottom and half waist.
Trump’s ‘style’ is very typical.

It paid the mortgage and I did have some great experiences travelling there so often but the actual work was soul destroying.