Donald Trump finally announced as some massive in-joke (Part 1)

“Not Sure”.

Has that rocket blasted off yet?

In related news, it looks like James Comey needs shooting.

It’s odd, as she is likely to become president, which can’t be good for his future prospects

Trump now level in the ratings after the email fiasco from Hillary.

All the information I can see is that this isn’t “a continuation of the Hilary email issue” and more a “James Comey does his best to manipulate the results of a Presidential election”.


I spoke to a couple of Americans among the demonstrators at the Windsor show on Saturday - both very reasonable grown-ups. Neither of them wanted Trump but both were genuinely worried even then that they might get him. And, even more scarily, that even if he lost his supporters wouldn’t take the result lying down. We were scared that Boris might get in. But Donald would be spectacularly worse.


Putin must be splitting his sides.

Reckon there will be lots of trouble on the streets regardless of who wins next week.

So, nothing new then?



Both on 45% :poop:

Not looking quite that bad when you look at all data:

Will be interesting to see if the polls get it right.

My money is still on Trump and his ability to get the vote out. NATO countries had better start getting their cheque books open. I see one of the Baltic states has started conscription.

I’m sure it’s been said on here before but, regardless of who wins, the fact that Trump is where he is just now reflects pretty fucking badly on America. Just as brexit, and to my mind the scottish referendum, reflects pretty badly on the UK. …and the rise of the neo far right in France etc… reflects pretty badly on them. Actually, people are pretty much just cunts.

What are people’s thoughts on what he would actually do if president? It seems from scanning the analysis that’s out there that no one really knows…

Who do you think will win then? I reckon Trump.

  • Clinton
  • Trump

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Put Hilary in jail, build a wall to stop the Mexicans from coming over the border and raping US citzens, go around grabbing female celebrities by the pussy - which bit of the campaign have you not been paying attention to? :joy::nerd:


Ha, yeah :stuck_out_tongue: Rather, how many things do you think he’d actually try to initiate and how do you think that’d play out?

I think if he’s elected he will be a lame duck. He’ll talk a lot and do fuck all. Hopefully :flushed:

I think it’s quite clear that he wants to be President without actually having to do the job. The story went that before he announced Mike Pence as his running mate, his son had approached Kasich for the position, and amongst other things offered him complete control of all affairs foreign and domestic, which is basically everything.


so it’s really “what would Pence do?”